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Elevate the ad experience with advanced consumer insights and brilliant creative formats on a premium marketplace.

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What We Do

Elevate the ad experience with advanced consumer insights and brilliant creative formats on a premium marketplace.

Since the very first ad was created, marketers have had one major question: did anyone pay attention?

We set out to answer this question by focusing on the consumer. First, we created innovative Formats designed to deliver more engaging and aesthetically appealing ads to the consumer. At the same time, we captured precise data on how the consumer was interacting with each one of our unique ads. And we made sure these ads were delivered to consumers around the best content, in a premium marketplace. And thus, our products were born – the intersection of smart data and design.

For the first time, advertisers are getting a better view into which ads drove attention, to whom, and when. And with this data, they have the power to improve creatives, campaigns, and the user experience–at scale.

By making attention actionable, we continue to serve brands and publishers in growing their audiences, connecting better with consumers, and optimizing their media.

Put Us to The Test. See What Yieldmo Can Do For Your Ad Experience.

AEROS retargeting provided us a new and interesting method to retarget our consumers and increase our CTR that we haven’t been presented with in the past. Given the results of this test, we’ve definitely acknowledged the benefits of engagement-based retargeting.

Recent Press Release

Forbes - Syncing Data And Creative: Advertising's Head And Heart

Within advertising, a debate has raged for years about how to balance advertising’s head (data, sales goals and competitive share) and its heart (evoking people’s emotions, touching people’s souls, creating inspiration and wonder).

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MarTech Magazine: Decrypting Human Behavior to Power Attention Advertising

Most companies take the notion of attention for granted instead of mindfully planning for it, measuring it, and understanding how to capture most of it. Our CEO and Founder, Mike Yavonditte, sat down with MarTech Magazine to talk about how Yieldmo began tracking unique attention signals, defined what attention signals are, how AEROS Attention Analytics works, and what this means for the future of marketing.

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