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Delivering Ad Engagement Data in Milliseconds with AWS

To increase the effectiveness of the billions of ad impressions Yieldmo serves each month, we needed a technology partner that could handle the scale of our data. Ranging from detailed engagement events—the taps, scrolls, and time spent viewing an ad, among others—to exposure and environmental data, Yieldmo collects hundreds of billions of data points each month.

Capturing data at this scale presents a technical challenge because these detailed measurements increase the number of requests coming in and require adding many more proxy servers to capture and analyze all these events. We needed to implement a solution quickly and at significant scale. Solving this problem using a traditional approach would take an engineering team months to implement and would be cost-prohibitive for both Yieldmo and our customers.

Yieldmo chose a suite of Amazon products to capture, process, and deliver our data in real time, including Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehouse, Amazon S3, and AWS Lambda. This simple-to-scale infrastructure provides a unique and non-intrusive way to capture and measure how a user interacts with our ads so that our customers can better understand their user base.

Learn more about our partnership with Amazon here.

Posted by: Indu Narayan, Director of Data