Advertiser Guidelines

Yieldmo strives to provide advertisements that add value to the user experience and that advertise quality products or services that are relevant to the audience of the websites participating in the Yieldmo network.

All advertisements must adhere to these guidelines, which are intended to preserve the integrity of the Yieldmo service. Adherence to these guidelines does not constitute approval for participation of advertising on the Yieldmo Service, as Yieldmo may amend these guidelines or remove advertisements at its sole discretion.

As used in these Advertiser Guidelines, the term “Ad” means the advertisement and its content, and the term “Target” means the landing pages, Apps, websites, products and services being advertised by or linked to in the Ad.

Guidelines Applicable to Ads:


  • Use proper grammar and refrain from using confusing slang
  • Link to a site or App that contains a conspicuously posted privacy policy in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and FTC guidelines, and the advertiser must ensure that it abides by such privacy policy
  • Link to a site or App that is relevant to the advertisement content
  • Only use assets that the advertiser owns or has the right to use (e.g., a name, logo or graphic used in an advertisement may only be used with the permission of the person or entity who owns or has a right to use such name, logo or graphic)
  • Use similar or consistent icons as those used in connection with the product that is being advertised in the resulting App store or landing page.
  • Comply with the following specs:

Ad specs

  • Headline Max: 30 characters
  • Description Max: 60 characters
  • Logo: Max size: 114x114 pixels


  • Contain excessive capitalization and punctuation
  • Contain repeated words in ad copy

Guidelines Applicable to Ads and Targets

Ads and Targets MUST:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and FTC guidelines, including but not limited to Section 5 of the FTC Act, the applicable FTC Dot Com Disclosures and The California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 (OPPA).

Ads and Targets MUST NOT:

  • Contain or promote defenseless or exaggerated claims (e.g., Best App Ever Made)
  • Contain or promote unauthorized use of trademarks, service marks, trade names or copyrighted material, nor otherwise infringe upon any third party intellectual property rights
  • Contain or promote adware, spyware, malware, viruses, Trojan horses, cancelbots or any other harmful or disruptive elements
  • Contain or refer to any sort of tag or script for the purpose of creating or transforming any information or data which is not expressly contemplated by the insertion order (e.g., cryptocurrency mining)
  • Contain or promote gambling or sports betting. Links to other pay-for-play gambling sites or Apps are also prohibited.
  • Contain or promote adult or obscene materials, products or services, including but not limited to pornography, prostitution and/or escort services
  • Contain or promote beer, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco and any tobacco-related products
  • Contain or promote illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Contain or promote any illegal products, services, items or activities
  • Contain or promote fake documents such as fake IDs, diplomas, immigration documents and passports
  • Contain or promote cable descramblers, black boxes, radar jammers, traffic signal changers, etc.
  • Contain or promote obviously misleading claims such as “cure cancer overnight!” or “lose 40 pounds overnight!”
  • Contain or promote hate, violence or discrimination
  • Promote weapons
  • Promote pay-day loans
  • Promote aids to pass drug tests, such as urine test additives, fireworks or pyrotechnic devices.
  • Promote non-government registered charities.
  • Promote multilevel marketing plans or pyramid schemes
  • Contain or imply any endorsement by Yieldmo nor any endorsements by the publishers in the Yieldmo network

Ad Tracking and Targeting Guidelines

  • Creative targeting to the placement level is encouraged. However, Ads that imply controversial demographic or personal characteristics (i.e., Are you tired of being overweight? Download) will be rejected.
  • Targeting ads based on employment or insurance/credit eligibility is prohibited.
  • Targeting ads based on sensitive health data is prohibited
  • Use of a third-party service for tracking app downloads or for attribution tracking is permitted. However, data collected from users viewing ads on the Yieldmo Service must not be used for other advertising or data mining purposes except as permitted by the IAB Standard Terms.