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Introducing Web Story: High Impact Experience on the Open Web

February 22, 2021

Introducing Web Story, the seamless way to turn your native display, video, or social media assets into a high-impact experience on the open web. An engaging format to display your brand story, Web Story strengthens your personal relationship with your audience.

We take the familiar social media habits of today, harness their fast-paced nature and ability to spur action, and enable you to scale anywhere on the open web. Get your audience talking with their friends and following.

Your standard creative is transformed into a format that audiences are used to engaging within their social feeds.

Versatile and Captivating

Your video or native display assets are augmented in a large ad slot that invokes the feeling of immersive content usually found only in “walled gardens.”

Use Web Story in a number of ways:

  • Showcase a video featuring products in the image below
  • Showcase a video trailer that encompasses the entire unit
  • Tell a sequential narrative with multiple short videos
  • Show a themed collection of products

As with all Yieldmo Formats, Web Story is built to generate and capture attention data to boost performance.

  • Set up a Web Story PMP – run on our contextual packages or custom audiences.
  • Every PMP is powered by AEROS Attention Analytics – leveraging AI models trained to hit your KPIs.

Web Story is available on the open exchange or through PMP, select the buying method best suited to your needs. And the zero friction offering also features:

  • No Ad Builder Step
  • No Separate High Impact Pipe
  • Friendly to social assets (square and vertical video)

For the DSP Hosted PMP Option the required creative assets for Web Story match exactly what you’d have in your video, native video, or native display asset packs. Just point from your DSP to a Yieldmo Deal ID; no extra steps required.

Click here for step-by-step guides on how to choose us within your DSP or reach out to our sales team at to help you set-up a campaign quickly.