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Pharma Vertical Playbook

February 25, 2021

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 health crisis is shining a spotlight on front-line healthcare workers, the need for clear education and information to the public, and the time and research necessary to bring a safe and effective vaccine to market. As the public waits for wide distribution of the vaccine, advertising spending in the pharmaceutical industry is changing quickly.

eMarketer states that spending on digital advertising in the healthcare and pharma industry will grow by 14.2% to reach $9.53 billion, making it the fastest- growing sector after computing products and consumer electronics (which will grow 18.0% this year). Healthcare and pharma make up for only 7.1% of all US digital ad spending, much smaller than top spenders like retail (21.0%) and financial services (14.6%).

While the pharma industry is complex with multiple stakeholders, this playbook will share how marketing in the pharma industry has changed over the last several months and what trends will shape the coming months.

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