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A Letter From Our CEO, Mike Yavonditte

Until today, the best that marketers could hope for was to know that their ads were clicked on, or that they were viewable. Obviously, there’s real benefit to knowing that, but at Yieldmo, we don’t think it’s enough. It’s like being a Michelin-rated chef and knowing only that your food was edible; not that people were actually served and found it beautiful and delicious.

We’ve been working hard to take things to the next level. Introducing the world’s first Engagement Management Platform (EMP)™. In its simplest terms, the Yieldmo EMP mines our massive, privacy-safe data set for gestural data – all the taps, scrolls, tilts (and more) that our ad formats elicit. We began with the notion that if people were engaging with our user-friendly formats, we would glean insight and understanding into consumers’ intentions.

Looks like we’re on to something. Please read the news that Allison Schiff of AdExchanger posted today. She articulates the way Yieldmo is transforming the loosely defined “engagement” into something tangible and actionable. What was previously a major blindspot for marketers – what happened between the view and the click – is now in the light. Craig Atkinson, PHD’s Chief Investment Officer weighed in, citing that their test on behalf of an automotive client resulted in an audience twice as likely to take the desired action.

Coincidentally, the Yieldmo EMP comes out of Alpha today and moves into the critical Beta phase. We are opening 10 client spots - participation evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the EMP Beta, please let me know: mikeyavo@yieldmo.com.

Until then, thank you as always for your continued support; we couldn’t do it without you. I also hope you’ll join me in congratulating my skilled team on today’s launch. As you might imagine, a fair amount of blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears go into cracking a code of this magnitude. Fortunately, the results are proving to be worth it, with game-changing potential in an industry that needs to keep evolving.



Posted by: Mike Yavonditte, CEO