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AlleyWatch Ranks Yieldmo’s Founder Among NYC Startup Founders to Watch For in 2015

Michael Yavonditte

Yieldmo, CEO

Yieldmo is saving the world from bad mobile ads, and hats off to Michael Yavonditte for that. Yieldmo’s Ad Format Lab has invented dozens of proprietary formats that drive better results and command higher prices – without ruining the viewer experience. Think of it as Disney Imagineers meets ad format creation. And since tools like AdSense aren’t exactly porting effectively to mobile advertising, well, that explains why Google Ventures participated in Yieldmo’s $10M Series C round back in October. Along with Time Warner VenturesUnion Square Ventures and Genacast.

“Yavo” was previously CEO of Quigo, which was acquired by AOL for $361M.

The company currently has several patents pending. Yup, keep an eye on this one!

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Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing