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Just How Engaging Is The iPhone X?

Despite its $1,000+ price tag, Apple’s iPhone X is flying off the shelves. From the moment it launched, Apple sold close to 3 million iPhone X devices in just 20 minutes, 2,500 units per second. With iPhone X devices flooding the market, we wanted to understand how the users of these devices are behaving and what this means for advertisers.

Our billions of data points, combined with our ability to discern device models, provided more than enough information from which to glean insights. We asked ourselves, “Are iPhone X users engaging more or less with ads, compared to users on older iPhone models?” Higher engagement could mean a number of things. For example, perhaps these early adopters are engrossed in all things mobile, including ad experiences. At the same time, less engagement might suggest that ads are not optimized for this new device or that these technological savvy customers are only glancing at ads and not engaging more deeply.

After analyzing millions of mobile ad impressions over the one-month period in which the iPhone X was available (November 3, 2017 - December 3, 2017), the results were clear—ad engagement is highest on iPhone X compared to all previous iPhone models and is more than double that of the iPhone 5.

Let’s examine some of the possible explanations. First, the early adopters of the iPhone X could truly be power users and are that much more engrossed in their mobile content and ads. Also, there is a physical reality that must be considered—the iPhone X’s key feature is an edge-to-edge screen that is 5.8” (bigger than even the iPhone 8 Plus). With more vertical space, it’s likely that users are scrolling more frequently and actively. Or, perhaps the prevention of intrusive ads via iOS 11’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention is positively changing users’ perceptions of ads and encouraging them to engage more.   

Marketers that want to reach these highly technologically-savvy iPhone X customers should use this higher level of engagement to their advantage. One way is with ad formats that animate as the user scrolls. Yieldmo’s Hyperscroller is one example of this type of format that will ensure the ad experience is just as engaging as their shiny new device.


Time Frame: 11/3/17-12/3/17
Engagement Metrics:
Total Impressions Analyzed: 6,126,194
Impressions, by device
Posted by: Alex Fu, Sr. Director of Advertising & Marketing Insights