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iOS 9 Will Make mCommerce Easier

Here at Yieldmo, we have been working with marketers since day one. It may come as no surprise that potential customers who see ads on their mobile devices will switch to desktop to complete a purchase. They may also simply abandon their transaction altogether if forced through cumbersome mobile workflows. Fortunately, this trend is on its way out as devices have improved and websites have become optimized for mobile, but there are still functional issues that are restricting the growth of mCommerce.


One flaw in the current mCommerce experience is the transition from an app to a mobile browser. Have you ever clicked on content in an app only to be brought to an in-app web browser that doesn’t recognize you? This frustrating transition happens because app developers had limited tools to build slimmed-down views for browsing web content. These customized web browsing windows did not share cookies and preferences with the Safari app. While a quick read poses no issues, more advanced browsing activity was suboptimal or best avoided due to security concerns, no autofill, and forced re-authentication. All these issues lead to more friction and higher abandon rates.


The in-app browsing experience never felt right to Yieldmo — our phones aren’t shared devices; we instinctively expect intelligent, intuitive, and secure experiences from our phones.


Fortunately, iOS 9 introduces the Safari View Controller, which provides a fully functional and secure browser which has access to your preferences and stored information of the main Safari browser app.


What this means is if you are already logged into a website in Safari and tap a link in an app, the Safari View Controller that comes up keeps you logged in. If you’re not logged in, Safari View Controller will fill any any of the passwords synced across all of the user’s devices with iCloud Keychain (if this feature is enabled). So if you want to have something shipped to your home or office, you’ll be able to use Contact Card Autofill to fill that info just like in Safari – all from within the app.


Yieldmo invests heavily in improving mobile ad experiences for in-app and mobile web environments and has recently released a number of new mCommerce formats in anticipation of the holiday season. Better ad formats and new enhancements to mobile software like the Safari View Controller, while seemingly small to some, will dramatically improve mobile response rates and continue to accelerate the growth of mCommerce.


Teddy Jawde
Head of Product

Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing