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Matching Custom Colors in Ad Builder

One of the great things about Yieldmo’s ad formats is their level of customization. For instance, many formats allow you to customize text, background or button colors. However, what do you do when you don’t have the code for a particular color you’re trying to match? When working on a Mac, there’s a built in piece of software that can help you.  Let’s walk through and see how it works!

The example

As an example, let’s say that I’m creating a Mainstage for Hulu.  I have all my assets and copy, but I really want the button color to be that “Hulu” green.  How can I make that happen?

My Example Ad.  The button doesn’t match!

Step 1: Open the Digital Color Meter

You’ll want to use Apple’s “Spotlight Search” to find a program called “Digital Color Meter”.  Spotlight Search is the little magnifying glass in the very top right of your screen.  

Action Item 1: Access spotlight search by clicking the magnifying glass (or pressing Command + Space Bar on your keyboard).

Spotlight Search is the small magnifying glass in the top right of your screen

Action Item 2: Once inside Spotlight search, type in Digital Color Meter, and hit enter when you see the app icon.

Type in “Digital Color Meter” and hit enter once you see the app icon

Note: you’ll now see the Digital Color Meter icon in your menu bar at the bottom of your screen. If you think that you’ll use it often, you can lock it to that menu and find it there next time.  Just right click and select Options > Keep in Dock (pictured below).

Step 2. Set up the app

The app requires one setting to be tweaked.  You want it to capture colors in “Hexadecimal” format.  For example, the Hex code for white is #FFFFFF.  Black is #000000.  You want to capture colors in that format.

Action Item 3: In order to set up the app, click the icon in the menu bar.  Now, the top menu bar of your computer should say “Digital Color Meter” in the top left. Click View in the top menu, then select Display Values > As Hexadecimal.

Step 3. Capture colors!

Now we’re going to capture colors.  Click the Digital Color Meter icon on your menu.  Look for the app screen, which is a small rectangle.  You’ll notice it easily because as you move your mouse around your screen, it is rapidly changing to the color behind your mouse cursor.

Action Item 4: Make sure the dropdown within the program reads “Display in Generic RGB”.

Action item 5: Mouse over the color you want to capture.  When you have it in sight, press the Command, Shift and “C” keys all at once.  Once you do that, the color (hex code) has been copied to your clipboard.

Action Item 6: Now that we’ve copied the color, we can paste it into the form field inside of Ad Builder.  You can paste using the Command + V keys, using the edit menu at the top of your screen, or by right clicking the form field and selecting paste.

And Voila!  For my Ad, I’ve punched in a hex code I already know for the text color on the button (#FFFFFF for white).   Now, my button matches, and I’m ready to save my ad!

Colors can make or break an ad, so you should use custom colors whenever available.  Mac’s Digital Color Meter makes light work of the task, so use it next time you create an Ad in Yieldmo’s Ad Builder!

Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing