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Premium Outstream: User-centric Mobile Video

Brands can’t get enough mobile video advertising. Demand is off the charts — eMarketer expects mobile video ad spend to increase 47% to $4.24B this year alone — and as a result the premium pre-roll well is drying up. In response, marketers are shifting their video campaigns to the content feed, commonly referred to as “outstream.”

However, the formats currently available across outstream inventory aren’t quite as dazzling as traditional ad tech firms want marketers to believe. These formats have ported over the jarring user experience of pre-roll as they push page content up and down. This disruptive design sours otherwise powerful brand messaging in the eyes of the target audience.

Introducing Hyperplay and Windowplay — a testament to our relentless pursuit of a better, more engaging user experience.

While built to perform well on play and completion rates, both Hyperplay and Windowplay go beyond just these standard metrics and encourage meaningful user engagement. By enhancing video assets with a thoughtful level of design and interactivity that is never disruptive, these formats let real people connect with brands in ways standard outstream or pre-roll simply cannot.  


Don’t just let customers watch, let them _interact_ with video assets you already have. As the user scrolls up and down the page, they advance or reverse the video frame-by-frame. As soon as they stop scrolling, the video instantly plays from that exact frame. If the user scrolls again, the video resumes the interactive frame-by-frame effect. View the full demo or build your own by visiting Ad Builder.  


Give customers even more brand content to engage with. Wrap brand videos with complementary, interactive imagery that captures customers’ attention as they scroll up and down the page. View the full demo or build your own by visiting Ad Builder.


Currently, both Hyperplay and Windowplay are exclusively available through our Beta program. Yieldmo allows brands to run these exciting formats across the most premium inventory in mobile. Publishers can also sell our new video formats directly to their advertisers. If you’re a brand, agency or publisher and want to be a part of our Beta, get in touch with us at video@oldsite.yieldmo.com.

Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing