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Redesigning Super Bowl Ads for Engagement

The Super Bowl may be the most watched sports event in the U.S., but we all know Super Bowl Sunday is about the ads as much as it’s about the game. And if we’re being honest, for the Design team at Yieldmo, the ads are the only reason we watch (okay, and maybe the buffalo chicken dip).

Regardless of who you were rooting for, we all remember that Budweiser “Whassup?” commercial that your friends couldn’t stop repeating for weeks, or E-Trade’s hilarious and borderline creepy “Talking Baby.” That’s because Super Bowl ads are some of the best—they play to our emotions or make us laugh to the point where they become ingrained into our culture.

This got us thinking… what would happen when you take some of the best creative from past Super Bowls and reimagined it in the best formats available—Yieldmo’s highly engaging and user-friendly mobile ad formats? The results are what you’d imagine—amazing ads that you can interact with right in the palm of your hand. Touchdown!

Snickers: Betty White

Watching Golden Girl Betty White get tackled both makes you cringe and want to watch it again. Thanks to our Hyperscroller format, you can do just that. As you scroll up and down the page, you can animate that clip to your heart’s content.

Explore: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlHyperscroller

Yieldmo Format: Hyperscroller

Original Ad: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlSnickers

Oreo: Blackout

While this ad appeared on Twitter, not during a commercial break, its timeliness during a blackout made it an instant hit. Now, we’re giving this timeless Super Bowl icon a permanent home within our Window unit, which let’s you relive Oreo’s creative genius time and again.

Explore: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlWindow

Yieldmo Format: Window

Original Ad: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlOreo

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

We all know this hilarious Old Spice campaign successfully reinvigorated a brand previously thought of as your dad’s body wash. But what if you could play with this playful creative? Well, the Yieldmo Windowplay does just that! Finally, the man your man could smell like is right in the palm of your hands.

Explore: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlWindowplay

Yieldmo Format: Windowplay

Original Ad: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlOldSpice

Heinz: Weiner Stampede

Who doesn’t love hundreds of hot dog dogs dressed as, well, hot dogs?! Add the Hyperplay’s ability to fast-forward and rewind outstream video ads and you can make these pups run, jump, and lick all you want.

Explore: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlHyperplay

Yieldmo Format: Hyperplay

Original Ad: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlHeinz

Bai: Bai Bai Bai

We all love an *NSYNC throwback, but it’s even better when it’s delivered by Christopher Walken. And it’s best in the Yieldmo Pull format, which shows you three sequential frames from this iconic commercial.

Explore: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlPull

Yieldmo Format: Pull

Original Ad: http://bit.ly/SuperBowlBai

Posted by: Vicky Yadid, Graphic Designer, and Susan Cho, Jr. Graphic Designer