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Understanding Fans' Excitement Through Engagement Data

We’re preparing for what is expected to be a great showdown between the New England Patriots, the defending Super Bowl champions, and the Philadelphia Eagles, the classic underdog. As we review this season’s highs and lows, we also ask ourselves what our trove of ad engagement data reveals about the path these two teams took to get to Sunday’s big game.

Yieldmo collects dozens of privacy-safe engagement data points on every impression we serve—totaling more than 200 billion each month. Analysis of all the nuanced micro-interactions consumers have with ads reveals the truth behind their mobile behaviors and provides a glimpse into how they are thinking.

With enthusiastic fans from both the Patriots’ and the Eagles’ hometowns, Boston and Philadelphia, respectively, we knew our data would be revealing. To prove it, we looked at the behaviors these cities showed on Sports sites in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl—specifically the traffic via ad impressions and article engagement via ad scroll rates.

Here are our three biggest takeaways:

1 — Compared to December 2017, traffic to Sports sites from both Eagles and Patriots fans is greatly elevated leading up to the Super Bowl. This is especially true during high-stakes games, like the Conference Round on January 22nd. This makes this inventory even more valuable to advertisers during this period.

2 — Immediately, we noticed the increased enthusiasm from the Eagles’ hometown fans—both visits to Sports sites and the engagement with ads on those pages was higher than Bostonians. Also, notice the difference in behaviors during the Divisional Round wins on January 14th. We see a large spike in engagement from Philadelphia, while Boston’s engagement dips, demonstrating how much excitement is backing the underdog.

3 — Once the Eagles and Patriots both secured their spot in the Super Bowl, we notice excitement from both teams’ hometowns diminish slightly. But, as the big game gets closer anticipation rises and so do visits to, and engagement on, Sports sites.

As we go into Super Bowl Sunday, the big question on our minds is whether the excitement from Eagles fans, as demonstrated through our data, will carry them to victory. Or, will the Patriots’ confident approach, exemplified by Boston’s digital ad behaviors, give them an advantage? We’ll just have to wait to see what happens after the coin toss!

Posted by: Alex Fu, Sr. Director of Advertising & Marketer Insights