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The Critical Stop on an Auto Buyers’ Path-to-Purchase

Engagement on Mobile: The Critical Stop on an Auto Buyers’ Path-to-Purchase

TIER 1 National Auto Client Conversions Up: +133%

In marketing land, automotive folks are among the savviest in a very savvy crew. They’re often the first to adopt & embrace the technological advances that enrich consumer experiences, and they’re the first to ditch those that alienate. And of course, they all get that very few of us are buying our cars via our mobile devices. But mobile’s role in the path to purchase? Critical.

Dealer look-up. Scheduling test-drives. Build-your-own. ALL done on mobile. Clearly, standard banner ads don’t move the needle when driving these types of engagement, nor do they do anything to further brand equity.

One such savvy client recently leveraged Yieldmo’s patent-pending Pull format to attract the attention of people actively in the market for a vehicle. This scroll-to-control ad allowed the brands’ creative team to highlight crucial features of the vehicle in a sequential, storytelling, fashion; in particular, its spacious interior, state-of-the-art dashboard and entertainment system. This gave people the chance to scroll through various views of the car - essentially, to get a birds’ eye view of their future ride.

The results? Engagement went through the roof. Even more impactful, we demonstrated a direct correlation to driving qualified site traffic and tool engagement - comparable even to desktop rates.

Conversion rates went up by 133%. Cost-per-Site Engagement went down by more than 47%.

Great creative played a part in these results. Formats that compel interaction helped. But we owe much of it to something else. The Yieldmo Engagement Management Platform (EMP)”) allows us to track, in real time, multiple engagement metrics with our formats. That is, with a format that encourages scrolling, we can count scrolls, as we did in this case. This enabled us to suppress people showing very limited signs of engagement, making the campaign much more efficient. More notably, we doubled down on heavy scrollers, giving us a clear signal of intent. Proof that true, intentional engagement deepens brand affinity and drives results.

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Posted by: Eran Geva, Senior Marketing Manager