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The Truth About Patriots Fans Revealed through Ad Engagement

Last Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles claimed their first Super Bowl victory. While many doubted the underdog, they were able to hold onto the lead long enough for the big win. We showed you that Philadelphians’ traffic and engagement with ads surged on Sports sites leading up to the game, but with the Super Bowl now behind us we wanted to know what fans’ mobile behaviors were during the game?

To find out, we looked into our vast database to understand the truth behind fans in both Boston and Philly.

We all remember how the game was a nail-biter by the 4th quarter. During this time we see interesting behavior from Patriots fans in Boston—a 69% increase in ad engagement on Sports sites. Why do we think this is?

The truth may lie in this insight—this dramatic increase from Pats fans was 115% higher than the spike in engagement we saw from Eagles fans in Philly during the same time period. This suggests that the increase in engagement with ads was not because Bostonians were picking up their phones because they were confident their team would pull through. Rather, they were furiously scrolling through Sports content to read commentators’ take on the game in the hope that a win was still possible.

Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing