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TheStreet Ditches Banners, Doubles Down on Yieldmo

We build mobile ads for human beings with the goal of changing the mobile advertising landscape for the better. The first publisher to embrace our philosophy back in 2012 was TheStreet and today we’re thrilled to announce we have expanded that partnership to new heights.

Earlier this year, TheStreet made the strategic decision to ditch ineffective standard mobile banner ads in favor of Yieldmo ad formats. In addition to leveraging Yieldmo demand, TheStreet is also planning to sell our formats to their top advertisers to fill available mobile inventory.

Allison Schiff at AdExchanger covered TheStreet’s decision and positive results:

“Over the past few months, TheStreet has seen increased revenue, CPMs and fill rate. And rather than struggling to monetize all of its mobile traffic each month, TheStreet relies on Yieldmo to pick up the slack.”

Read the entire article over at AdExchanger.

Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing