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VentureBeat Covers Release Of Yieldmo Ad Builder

The past week here at Yieldmo has been pretty exciting. We launched Yieldmo Ad Builder after countless keystrokes and paired that launch with our website redesignYieldmo Ad Builder was launched with an internal release party last Wednesday, and was officially available to the public yesterday. You can read more about the launch in our press release.

Barry Levine at VentureBeat got the scoop on the Yieldmo Ad Builder launch:


“The new tool, intended for any advertisers and publishers in its ecosystem, allows an ad to be created in minutes — and, potentially, approved within hours — in any of the 16 new formats that Yieldmo has developed in its Ad Format Lab. The user adds assets like graphics or text and simply clicks through choices.”

The ad formats are designed to be highly engaging, without disrupting the experience of the mobile user. Ad Builder was designed to view these ads before release, without having to do lengthy mock-ups and back-and-forth exchanges. In fact, the prototype you create is instantly and easily shareable:

“Once completed, the prototyped ad can be shared with approvers via a URL. While the Ad Builder is desktop-based, you can preview the prototyped ad on the target device by opening the emailed link. The ads are also intended for tablets…When approved, Yieldmo can move the prototype ad as a final ad into its system.”

Read the article about Yieldmo Ad Builder over at VentureBeat.
Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing