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Welcome to the Yieldmo Mobile & Data Hacks

We all know that the content that we consume via our mobile devices are often subsidized by the advertising revenue. But people hate ads…but want their content for free.  Yieldmo is working to solve this problem by creating a better ad experience through design and data. We’d love to see what people can come with given our ad building tools and inspiration from our industry-touted designs.

To help you with your ideas, we’ve provided a few links and tools:

Yieldmo Ad Formats


Yieldmo Data

Hostname: hackathon-mysqloldsite.yieldmo.com

Port: 3306

Schema: hackathon

username: ym_hacker

password: hackmobile2015

This user has select-only privileges to the schema and can only be accessed within our network.  See us if you want to do something more with the schema.

Table Schema Definitions:

Yieldmo Placements

Need some more ideas? How about integrating an API?

Questions? Ask people wearing our “Yieldmo Teal” t-shirts.

Have fun! Happy Hacking!

Yieldmo. Expect more from mobile advertising.

By participating in the Yieldmo Mobile and Data Hacks Hackathon (the “Yieldmo Hackathon”), you may receive access to certain proprietary code, data and/or other copyrighted materials, including pictorial, audio, video and/or audiovisual content (“Yieldmo Assets”) owned by Yieldmo. By participating in the Yieldmo Hackathon, you acknowledge and agree that the Yieldmo Assets are made available to you solely for your personal use in developing and testing your prototype in connection with the Yieldmo Hackathon, and not for any other purpose (including any commercial purpose). You agree that you will not distribute, display, perform, transmit, publish or otherwise disclose or make available to any third party the Yieldmo Assets under any circumstances. You understand that Yieldmo may independently (whether currently or in the future) develop materials or information internally or receive information from other parties that may be similar to anything you may develop or create during the Yieldmo Hackathon and that such materials are (or shall be) owned by Yieldmo.
Posted by: Jane Kim, Head of A/B Testing & Optimization