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Yieldmo and AMP: A Speedy and Seamless Mobile User Experience

We all know that waiting for slow mobile web pages to load is beyond irritating. Those pages also contribute to the problem publishers face when trying to monetize their mobile content. Some studies suggest almost half of users will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. Slow mobile web pages means losing readership, the rise of ad blocking, fragmentation from walled content platforms (e.g. Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles), and ultimately less secure monetization potential for publishers).

Yieldmo has always been focused on improving the user experience of publisher content on mobile. Yieldmo has never run a pop-up ad, pre-roll, or “sticky footer.” We’ve always made a concerted effort to craft lean and lightweight code and infrastructure to reduce data payloads and load time. Here at Yieldmo we are determined to help improve the content experience on mobile, which is why we are so obsessed with optimizing response times and reducing load on mobile devices. We’re excited to be a contributor to the effort of speeding up the mobile web through an open-source initiative called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

In today’s mobile web, there are plenty of examples of code practices that cause significant delays and performance issues. Many of these practices (e.g. using the Javascript Blocking document.write function) are inherited from desktop environments where slow performance is less notable than the resource-limited mobile environment. Mobile-friendly responsive web pages were a start for establishing good design principles, but the industry lacked standards for creating and validating web sites that were optimized for performance.

AMP is an open source initiative with the goal of providing a framework for a faster mobile web experience. The AMP approach restricts coding practices that slow content load times and interfere with the responsiveness of a web page. Additionally, AMP improves performance by caching AMP pages on a network, making the retrieval of content fast and efficient. The end result is a speedy and seamless mobile user experience. AMP provides a web page architecture truly optimized for mobile devices, an effort very much aligned to the Yieldmo mission of a better mobile experience. Many premium publishers are moving quickly to ensure that their mobile web pages are implementing the AMP framework. This requires publishers to work with their partners, like Yieldmo, to realize the full potential of a faster mobile web.

At Yieldmo, we’ve integrated AMP elements into our SDKs to facilitate speedy loading of our high impact ad formats. We’re very much aligned to the AMP mission and have committed to supporting the growth of AMP. Advertising and measurement helps publishers monetize, but contribute to long load times and poor mobile web experiences. Yieldmo aims to help lead the shift to a faster mobile web and improved experience for mobile content and marketing. We encourage publishers to implement AMP and Yieldmo ad formats for an improved and more profitable mobile experience.

Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing