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Yieldmo Partners With Moat to Build a Foundation for Advancing Mobile Ad Attention and Engagement Metrics

Yieldmo and Moat have partnered to measure viewability and to build a broader foundation for mobile-specific user engagement metrics, which help paint a truer picture of how consumers are paying attention to media campaigns beyond clicks and impressions. Together, Yieldmo and Moat will also support the emerging industry shift toward transacting on viewable impressions. The combination of Yieldmo’s consumer-friendly mobile ad formats, Moat’s industry-only MRC-accredited mobile viewability measurement and both companies’ deep insight into user attention and advertising engagement metrics empowers publishers and advertisers with a more holistic understanding of return on advertising spend (ROAS).

“Over the past four years, Yieldmo has developed user-friendly, mobile-specific ad formats that preserve a seamless media experience for premium publishers’ audiences and also drive performance for advertisers through true customer engagement. Now, our partnership with Moat offers third-party measurement of the user engagement metrics we have always focused,” says Mike Yavonditte, Founder and CEO.

Learn more about this partnership by reading the entire press release here.
Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing