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Yieldmo’s Women in Tech: #SizzlingTechSeries Event

Last Wednesday, Yieldmo hosted the second of our “Women in Tech: Sizzling Summer Tech Series” events, #WomenCrushWednesday. Yieldmo’s female interns wanted to create a dialogue around being women in a primarily male tech industry and provide insights and tips for other young women in tech. The series featured incredible technologists, intended to inspire and connect with other women in tech.

We had the pleasure of having an incredibly knowledgeable and diverse panel of women answering questions and giving advice to our attendees. The panel included Yieldmo’s very own Jane Kim, Head of A/B Testing and Optimization, Ceclia Lang, Global VP of The Washington Post, Sarah Tran, Strategic Partner Lead at Google, Dheerja Kaur, Head of Product at theSkimm, Dani Chunga, VP of Frontend Development at Boyle Software, and Amy Coveny, Director at Rubicon Project. We had a great turnout of about 70 attendees, who had the chance to take their Polaroid photos in our Yieldmo #SizzlingSummerTech frame, as well as write on our “I am a women in a tech because…” board.

Our sponsors for the event were ZeroCater who catered our food, and LawGo, who provided our beverages. ZeroCater, delivering companies and their employees with delicious food catered from some of the best restaurants around the city, also attended the event, as well as detailed the full #WomenCrushWednesday experience on their blog:

The panelists touched on many areas, with a few common themes revealing themselves throughout the discussion. One of those was the importance of beating your fear of speaking up and being heard.

“Cecilia Lang highlighted that whether you don’t understand something everyone else seems to be talking about and are hesitant to ask for clarification…you will never solve anything unless you make your voice heard. Just be sure to be succinct, get to the point, and know exactly what you are asking for!”

Another reoccurring point made was to give anything a shot, no matter how impossible it seems. Chunga remembered struggling in her career with a very difficult project, yet she noted,

“After challenging herself to figure it out, she was only that much more confident in her abilities and felt very accomplished.”

Finally, the panelists stressed the work-life balance.

Coveny insisted it’s “essential to make time for a personal life” as it can “[add] more value to your professional growth”. Dheerja Kaur agreed, saying it is necessary for her sanity “to step away from the computer and shut down every once in awhile.”

Several other issues came up that women in general have to deal with in the workplace, such as sexual harassment. A few of the panelists tackled the questions, offering quality advice on how to deal with this from their own experience dealing with the issue.

All in all, it is impossible to summarize in words the strength and inspiration the panelists–as well as all the attendees in general–gave us in our Sizzling Summer Tech series. To read more about our panelists at #WomenCrushWednesday, you can head over to the ZeroCater blog and read a more detailed account of the night and what these women leaders had to share. The Women in Tech series is just the beginning of the many influential events to come! We couldn’t have asked for a more informative, positive, or inspirational night.

Stay tuned for our final Yieldmo Hackathon event, coming in September!

h/t ZeroCater

Posted by: Lucas Piazza, Director of Marketing