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Smart Inventory

July 17, 2020

Yieldmo Smart Inventory

Maintaining relationships with publishers is a top priority for Yieldmo so we can provide the best and safest advertising opportunities for our advertisers.

These relationships give us deep insights into each impression, and AEROS Attention Analytics lets us understand who is interacting with these impressions, when, where, and how. Using machine learning, we then scale this data to help advertisers select the most optimal impressions to bid on. This results in smarter inventory and decisions every step of the way.

Here is a breakdown of how we use publisher data and bidstream data, combined with AEROS Attention Analytics to maximize and optimize marketers’ campaigns.

Publisher Data

Our granular integration with publishers gives brand-safe minded marketers seeking high viewability an understanding of which impressions perform best.

For each impression, we take into account the user, advertiser, and creative attributes. With granular data such as page metadata, position on screen, and more, we create a holistic view of the page in real-time.

DSP & Agency

To determine the impressions that most likely meet advertiser KPIs, we combine granular page data and AEROS Attention Analytics data to predict the performance of impressions.

AEROS Attention Analytics captures creative, content, and human interaction data and applies that data in real time to pass only high-performance traffic to your DSP. It was designed to be cookie-agnostic and can select efficient impressions for audience-based or contextual campaigns.

To learn more about how to access our smart inventory, please reach out to